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As an author, take a look in your mirror — yes, that writer you see is YOU!  The writer destined for sudden fame and riches. What is the first step?

MARKETING   Let your present and future readers know more about you.  The idea that you can write a best selling book as the ‘stealth author’ is a myth.  The stuff movies are made of!  Your talent must be MARKETED.

At Bar JD, I bring you a package of online marketing strategy that includes

  • A unique website
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Networking and Publicity Plan

I will be able to launch your strategy in all aspects or the parts that you choose.  When you want to work on you own marketing, you will get all the encouragement that I can give them, plus access to tips that help you as you go along.

Contact me when you are ready to map out marketing strategy for your writing.  My systems work the way publishers want to see marketing move forward. Quality, wide-scoped marketing is the way you will achieve your full VALUE as you bring your best points to your fans.

So, lets get down to business!